Who is Everett?

An Information Technology professional

I am a recent graduate of the Information Technology and Applied Systems Diploma program at Vancouver Island University. I completed my studies with a total GPA of 4.31, and was placed on the Dean’s Honour List for the 2018/2019 year and 2019/2020 year. I have been awarded the Governor General’s Academic Bronze Medal and have been chosen by my university’s faculty to receive the Lionel Hennessey Memorial Award.
I’ve been recognized by previous employers for my drive, leadership and ambition. I do not know everything about technology, but will do everything possible to constantly improve my skill set.

A collection of skills

Constantly discovering, improving, and learning.

I work daily on my home lab. I make sure my services work together and communicate properly.

My home network includes rigorous use of pfSense for network routing, Suricata for intrusion prevention, and pfBlocker for IP address filtering.

Experience achieving beautiful websites. I have worked professionally with clients in the past to build a working site tailored to meet their needs.

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Recent Projects

A wealth of new knowledge always being gained.

A new home!

I am officially writing this from my new home – Victoria, BC! My amazing partner...

A new server!

An incredible thanks goes to my good friend Robin for giving me a brand new...

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