A final project demonstrating a full year of learning.

Introducing: Everett Hosting Services – a concept website using Docker to produce WordPress containers.

Welcome to Everett hosting services!

I created this site to serve as a proof of concept. The site allows you to create multiple Docker containers running either WordPress or Drupal websites.

As I had learned a great deal about Docker containers during my practicum, I wanted to build a functioning website that could bring everything together.

These containers are behind an NGINX reverse proxy and use LetsEncrypt certificates for SSL connections. The site also creates a unique database username and password for each container created. It is a culmination of my entire year of education towards my Information Technology and Applied Systems diploma. I took aspects of almost every project I’ve done throughout the year – such as programming in PHP, configuring Linux daemons, writing BASH scripts and working with container software. I used entirely open source technologies – such as Linux, PHP, Docker and Bootstrap to build this platform.

 ** Note: I’ve blocked outside access to the site for security reasons (Am by no means a professional programmer). If you’d like access, send me a message. 🙂

Here’s a live demo of my recent work: