A new home!

I am officially writing this from my new home – Victoria, BC! My amazing partner Sean and I are living together here on the Island.

It took a few days, but my servers running my website have been setup again in the new house!

Here’s a quick look at the new server setup:

The servers!

Due to the repurposing of my ethernet cables for other uses, I’ve had to sacrifice the full setup of the backend network temporarily. I hope to rebuild it using professional labeling at a later time.

I decided to retire the existing pfSense setup for the houses internet. This means the internet for guests and my partner is contained to the Shaw router instead of flowing threw the server. The pfSense router is still be used for my internal VMs, and my website network is being managed the same way.

I hope to rebuild a lot of the labs I did over my two years at VIU to not only practice my skills, but to research new improvements that have come out since then.

Otherwise, I am very happy to begin a new chapter of life down here in Victoria. Victoria is a lovely city with mild climate and rich history. I hope to find employment here soon and begin exploring the area (Social distancing of course)