Who is Everett?

An Information Technology professional

I am an experienced IT professional currently working full time in a Senior IT role. I hold a diploma in Information Technology and Applied Systems from Vancouver Island University. I completed my studies with a total GPA of 4.31, and was placed on the Dean’s Honour List for both study years. I was awarded the Governor General’s Academic Bronze Medal and have been chosen by my university’s faculty to receive the Lionel Hennessey Memorial Award.

I host a homelab at home, which allows me to continue learning and bring expert knowledge into my IT field. This website lets me share some of the many projects I’m lucky to complete at home.

I’ve been recognized by previous employers and my peers for my drive, leadership and ambition. I do not know everything about technology, but will do everything possible to constantly improve my skill set.

A collection of skills

Constantly discovering, improving, and learning.

I work daily on my home lab. I make sure my services work together and communicate properly.

My home network includes rigorous use of pfSense for network routing, Suricata for intrusion prevention, and pfBlocker for IP address filtering.

Experience achieving beautiful websites. I have worked professionally with clients in the past to build a working site tailored to meet their needs.

Take a look at my resume, or get in contact with me to learn more.

Recent Projects

A wealth of new knowledge always being gained.

Modernizing my network with Docker

A recent project I’ve completed involved some fun Docker usage. Docker has become a fun industry buzz word whenever someone wants to create a modern web application. For good reason, I might add. Docker allows software to be containerized in isolated sections of an operating system. The best part about this is that everything is … Continue reading "Modernizing my network with Docker"...

Expanding my homelab with some servers and RAM.

  A few months ago I took a trip up to Courtenay to pick up some servers I won via BCAuction. Sadly, the servers I picked up were not filled to the brim of precious DDR4 ram as I had original hoped. Ultimately, I was able to collect 64 GB’s between the 6 servers I … Continue reading "Expanding my homelab with some servers and RAM."...

Upgrading the networking equipment of my homelab.

I have been using very basic and very cheap TP-link 1GB 8 port switches for my homelab for probably 4 years now. These little switches have actually been pretty amazing, I have had zero performance problems or really any issues of any kind with them. They have been running non-stop for basically 3-4 years now … Continue reading "Upgrading the networking equipment of my homelab."...

A new home!

I am officially writing this from my new home – Victoria, BC! My amazing partner Sean and I are living together here on the Island. It took a few days, but my servers running my website have been setup again in the new house! Here’s a quick look at the new server setup: Due to … Continue reading "A new home!"...

Governor General’s Academic Medal – Collegiate Bronze

This medal is made available annually, and is awarded to the student who achieves the highest academic standing, upon graduation from a two year Diploma program at Vancouver Island University. I am incredibly honoured to have been selected to receive this medal for the 2020 year at Vancouver Island University. Here are a few select … Continue reading "Governor General’s Academic Medal – Collegiate Bronze"...

Lionel Hennessey Memorial Award

I would like to extend my greatest thanks to the ITAS Department Staff for selecting me as the recipient for the ITAS 2020 Lionel Hennessy Memorial Award. The award is given to a student selected by the faculty who achieved the single highest grades among the graduating class. While it was a pretty tough decision … Continue reading "Lionel Hennessey Memorial Award"...

See my resume for even more projects I've completed:

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